22 August 2005

ink coat

02 August 2005

vacation sketchbook

i'm still perfecting my perfect travel kit for art supplies. lately it's been a 'watercolour wheel stack pack' by koh-i-noor for chartpak. it's a small travel set of pan gouaches. the koh-i-noor colours are hardly my favorite (which are schmincke HKS colours) but schmincke do not seem to come in travel form. i have enough trouble finding the schmincke tubes in the states. my travel brushes are also not my favorite (which are winsor & newton series 7) but the japanese pentel neo-sables i use are great travel brushes because they do well with both my abuse and the abuse of travel. and, of course, good ol' pencil and paper come in handy, partnered with my beloved japanese tombo and e-knock mechanical erasers by mitsubishi. i use them regularly. all erasers travel easy anyway i guess. here are some items, finished and unfinished, from my sketchbook taken along to the beach this past weekend: