23 March 2011

They Draw and Cook Again

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A new entry for the drawing and cooking blog, They Draw and Cook.  This is a favorite recipe of mine that fit in nicely with a contest They Draw and Cook & California Figs were hosting.
Check out the entry on the blog's site here: 

15 March 2011

Street Style . sketchbook

illustration by cybele
Going through old sketchbooks I found a sketch for some girls I saw on Dekalb Avenue at Vanderbilt in Brooklyn - in 2oo7.  I liked how the trio were all in black.  I also thought it was interesting, with the exception of the girl in pants, that they looked fashionably current.  I updated the sketch by giving the first girl high-waisted print pants, instead of the capris she was really wearing, and then assigned them all shoes.  I hadn't drawn the shoes in the sketch.  This task allowed me to go shoe shopping for my models.  From left to right they are wearing, Bensimon lace-up flats - gris fonce, Jeffery Campbell mariel wedges and Madewell peekaboo slingbacks.

13 March 2011

Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

From the Website:

Japan Society has created a disaster relief fund to aid victims of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan. Over the years, Japan Society has partnered with several Japanese and American non-profits working on the frontlines of disaster relief and recovery. Your generous tax-deductible contributions will go to organizations that directly help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

I was a member of the Japan Society for many years. They are an excellent organization.

10 March 2011

illustrated dreaming

illustration by cybele
Last night I dreamt in my illustrations.  Even my dog was illustrated.  He looked like this.

08 March 2011

Street Style . NYC February 2011 part two

illustration by cybele
I saw this chickie while on a journey to see an exhibit at the Society of Illustrators. She had on skin tight silver pants, but not the lamé leggings.  They were a thick material and stiff and cut like jeans.  They were odd and cool.

07 March 2011

Street Style . NYC February 2011

illustration by cybele
A couple girls I saw at Union Square a few weeks ago.  I like the transition from winter to spring with the chunky scarf & coat then a Mori Girl style floral and cotton lace layering over cut-offs.  And then other girl, head to toe black with cream colored platform sandals.  Maybe she was breaking them in for spring.  I liked the look though.

06 March 2011

Street Style . Tracks DC, 1992

I was going through some very old sketchbooks and found some doodles I had done after nights out clubbing at Tracks DC as a teenager.  I think they are pretty funny and loved how they show the fashion of the time.  It is practically twenty years later and what is it they say?  Fashion comes back around every twenty years?  I am definitely doing doubles takes at young girls looking like they raided my teenage closet.  Have a look at teenage doodles of teenage fashion observations!
illustration by cybeleCheck out the romper on the left. We've been seeing those on the street at least since last spring. I see them in the shops for this season too.

illustration by cybeleOkay, the chick in the middle is totally in club gear (I hope) but the two girls on the bottom reminded me of how popular overalls were then.

illustration by cybele
This is a year later and not from Tracks but from a movie rental shop in suburbia. I still remember this guy. He was awesome! Wearing double plaid with a sky blue flopped over mohawk and school bus yellow combat boots.
I never stopped doodling what people are wearing wherever I go.  I am glad these old drawing survived.  I plan on making a little series of city kid observations. Check out tomorrow's post.

03 March 2011

雛祭り Hina Matsuri

illustration by cybele
In Japan, today is Hina Matsuri, or as I knew it growing up, Girl's Day.  As a little girl living in Japan, I have vivid memories of my mother setting up the dolls, getting dressed in my seafoam green kimono and, my favorite part, the pink/red hair ornament. I think the holiday has evolved since I was able to experience it.  They now have children's day in May, celebrating boys and girls together.

illustration by cybele
Here are the basics about Hina Matsuri:
In Japan, the 3rd day of March is celebrated by displaying Ohina-sama dolls. It is believed that these dolls take the place of little girls when illness and injury come. They are the girls’ protectors. Care is taken that the Ohina-sama dolls do not become sick or hurt either, so they are reverently handled.  At a minimum, a set of hina-ningyo (dolls) will include an emperor and empress, but can have many more complementary dolls that form a court for the royal couple.  (My mother had the whole set!) The dolls are dressed in traditional Heian period costume (794-1185 A.D.).   Read more about Hina Matsuri here.