15 February 2006

illustration friday . simple

paper. pencil. line.

this weeks doodle for illustration friday.
since it's fashion month, my subject is my four favorite models.
clockwise from left: inguna butane, maria dvirnik, jovita, and milagros schmoll.

13 February 2006

ink coat II

a weekend doodle to inks to vectors.

12 February 2006

oh yeah, it's winter.

after this past autumn, my beloved new york city decided a climate of psycho winds alternating with abnormally warm weather was in order. i dislike winter anyway, but i love wearing sweaters and have only done so about three times this season. seriously. so i don't mind we are having a blizzard right now. except when i have to take out the dog.

10 February 2006

new waags

here's a look at my spring promo (above) that recently went out through my agents three in a box. also, i've updated my website with new images in the fashion section and a new splashpage (mini version below).

08 February 2006

ink vs. ink

i used this doodle to see the difference between my lines and adobe illustrator's ink brushes. i can see which are which but i don't think anyone else would know. however, maybe it's not a fair test. there are only three main computer generated ink lines (the strand of her hair, her hairline between her forehead and ear, and her jacket) and the rest of the lines are converted from my scanned sketch (and are slightly altered by the live trace filter). maybe if the whole image had computer generated ink brush contours one could see the repetition of using the same brush filter. it doesn't matter anyway. i will continue to ink my images with brush and ink because i think it's fun. i guess it's nice to know adobe is a decent substitute.

07 February 2006

illo sexta-feira . chair

this week's illustration friday submission.
this is a character to a story i will never write. but i like to draw her and her dog pack.
my husband thinks this is a weird image, but i stand by it.

01 February 2006

spring winds