22 October 2006

portfolio update

my illustration portfolio at walkcycle.com has been updated in the "lifestyle" section. more updates on the way. i am busy with some fun new projects at the mo'. to come when they are finished/published: work for subaru, work for teen magazine and the cosmogirl holiday card (i'm especially excited about this one). i just finished up some stuff for an educational publication in canada and am working on a US one now.

i usually have some personal work kicking around when i am less busy (see above - i like to print out my computer-y sketches, scribble on them and use them as guides as i go along - otherwise i can never remember all the things i want to change or add.) and i am still trying to get the cybelicious.com site functioning more smoothly. sorry it's crap on a PC right now. i don't mean for it to be, i just don't have a PC to do an quality assurance on.