08 October 2009

people watching

some missy that caught my eye on the subway.
japanese pigments and sumi on cotton paper.

11 September 2009


i should be updating my website
or my blog
but i choose to paint zombies instead...

02 September 2009

smason rules!

check out smason.com!
i like this little flash drawing program better than illustrator!

02 March 2009

geisai 12

i will be showing new works at geisai 12 this weekend.
i will post them on my flickr site in a few days.
please stop by my booth (A-025) and say hello.

20 January 2009

WSJ . inauguration day 2oo9

illustration by cybele
published today (20 january 2oo9 issue) in the Wall Street Journal
for an article about the influences of seven to ten year old girls inspired by the obama's daughters