31 March 2006

illo pétek * spring

illustration by cybele
les papillons
an illustration friday topic coincidence, i just finished this spring-y pic this week.

my language for "friday" this time is slovenian, since i was just there. it's one of those places where i had to go there to get language books on the language. i had this problem with estonia before i went there. couldn't find estonian - english dictionaries anywhere in the states. now it's my new collection thing; to make sure i have language books from all the countries i've been to.

26 March 2006

illo venerdì - monster!

it's nice to post again. this was a particularly fun illo friday word. i've been away traveling again. this time i was in northern italy and slovenia. a nice switch to be europe after so much time in asia, but yay! in a few months it's back to tokyo again!