13 September 2005

13 september 05

the ease of blogging makes it easy for me to procrastinate updating my website (not that i've been updating my blog lately). on the other hand, i like how the blog makes me want to update it all the time - i.e., i sketch more often trying to come up with postable images. well, here's one. just inks right now. i'm going to play with the whole vector/ink/trace deal some more. and my site is updated. pretty much everywhere, little nips and tucks.

i went to the semi-permanent conference(?) this past weekend. i've never done one of those events before. the speakers were interesting but it's hard to sit in a dark theatre for mucho hours two days in a row. i thought it would be a space where i could doodle while i listened to the presentations. i fidget too much to sit still for so long. fafi was my favorite speaker. i liked her matter-of-factness. plus i had recently bought a drawing of hers, and it's always nice to get to hear the voice of someone who's art you own.