06 March 2011

Street Style . Tracks DC, 1992

I was going through some very old sketchbooks and found some doodles I had done after nights out clubbing at Tracks DC as a teenager.  I think they are pretty funny and loved how they show the fashion of the time.  It is practically twenty years later and what is it they say?  Fashion comes back around every twenty years?  I am definitely doing doubles takes at young girls looking like they raided my teenage closet.  Have a look at teenage doodles of teenage fashion observations!
illustration by cybeleCheck out the romper on the left. We've been seeing those on the street at least since last spring. I see them in the shops for this season too.

illustration by cybeleOkay, the chick in the middle is totally in club gear (I hope) but the two girls on the bottom reminded me of how popular overalls were then.

illustration by cybele
This is a year later and not from Tracks but from a movie rental shop in suburbia. I still remember this guy. He was awesome! Wearing double plaid with a sky blue flopped over mohawk and school bus yellow combat boots.
I never stopped doodling what people are wearing wherever I go.  I am glad these old drawing survived.  I plan on making a little series of city kid observations. Check out tomorrow's post.

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