17 June 2005

live trace

i'm done working on this image. i'm not sure if it's finished, i'm just done for now.

my conclusion is that, while live trace and live paint in AS CS2 are not the magical tools i was hoping for, i think this is as convenient as it's going to get for me. i wanted either live paint or live trace to work like the paint bucket tool in photoshop. i didn't see why there was never a vector paintbucket tool. well, live trace did the best it could for me (i gave up on live paint after reading the tutorial and discovering you can't use it with transparency and billion other useful options). when i draw using traditional implements (for me usually pencil and eraser [i draw with erasers as much as with pencils] on paper, then inked using sumi ink) i tend to leave gaps, like so:

with the live trace settings i prefer to use, these gaps make for one continuous vector object - like a big ink spill over one's drawing. so i have to draw the color fill objects by hand. oh well. live trace does help. some of my contour lines are closed so i no longer have to draw all the objects by hand. i get tired of tracing my work over and over. i draw in pencil/eraser, then trace in ink, then trace digitally for colors...snore. however, i realized i do not want to change my inking style, so this is the way it is.

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