29 June 2005

less asphalt rant

this is a doodle expressing how i've been feeling. and here is the more marketable version:

i travel a lot, by choice, but am so sick of airports and flying. i mean the arbitrary security measures and increasing difficulty in getting visas is bad enough but now we (and by "we" i suppose i just mean america for this example) are creating our own flying problems. here's my example; i was flying home to new york a few weekends ago and had a connecting flight in atlanta. my flight to ATL got delayed because of thunderstorms - plane wouldn't be able to land there. not the first time this has happened to me flying into ATL. so while i'm trying to amuse myself in the airport i find this blurb in the june national geographic as follows:
"In burgeoning Atlanta, green space is giving way to asphalt and other artificial surfaces that absorb daytime solar heat, then release it at night. This heat fuels thunderstorms downwind of the city."

so there you have it. we are creating our own bad flying conditions, making ourselves have to sit in airport, making ourselves miss our connecting flights. or maybe i can just blame the whole thing on atlanta and make sure to books my flights through other airports from now on.