07 July 2005

ephemeral nyc

even when an art show is going on for several months in my own city, i can still manage to be so busy i miss it. a new year's resolution in the making. in this spirit, here are a couple summer things that shouldn't be missed.
at the japan society, the takashi murakami curated "little boy" exhibit is only open for a few more weeks (ends 24 july). despite it's lack of groovisions art this time, i like "little boy" even better than the "superflat" show i saw in LA years ago. also not to be missed, the chiho aoshima murals inside the union square subway station and the chinatsu ban sculpture at central park.
today was the opening for the swoon installation at deitch projects (through 13 august). my favorite part was the subway hallway and how you sort of rode the subway from the airless city room to the hyper air-conditioned coney island room.
for those you who like the williamsburg scene, don't miss john mcgarity's show of new works opening 15 july and showing through 14 august at brooklyn fireproof.
and while this isn't ephemeral (although it's contents can be), i'm excited and dismayed about the new new york branch of giant robot's store. i'm only dismayed because now that it's in my state i have start paying new york city sales tax (8.625%) on orders. otherwise, yippee!!