16 July 2005

more live trace

having an idea block for my latest promo due in less than two weeks, i decided to spend my time experimenting some more with my inkings style vs. live trace in CS2. with these i made my inks a little tighter as best i could, and where i couldn't i just touched them up in photoshop after scanning them. this time, after applying live trace to the inks i was even more pleased with the conversion than last time. i was even surprised to find the default conversion was my favorite. different than last time, i kept the entire vectorized image. (usually i dump the vectorized contours and keep just the white areas which i then color - so it ends up vector colors over bitmapped contour lines.) the file sizes of these two are grossly smaller than the other way i do this style of illo but i still prefer the output of the other ones. they seem more luminous or something. i'm sure i'm the only one who can see the difference.
and here are the results:

this one was actually another thought i had for a bastille day illo.
july and france always makes me think of cherry earrings.

ten points if you can find the bunny.